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5 Recommendations to Host a Welcome Party

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The wedding cocktail is a good excuse for guests and family members to meet and catch up between talks and anecdotes, and also to cheer them up as they await the arrival of the newlyweds. Don’t miss the recommendations we have, they have been created with the purpose of making you look good and that you and your guests have an excellent evening.

Normally, the welcome cocktail is held after the religious ceremony and before the big celebration of the new couple. During this time, the bride and groom take the opportunity to have their photo session with their loved ones, both family members and people close to them. This way they can wait for the arrival of the guests in case the wedding has been held elsewhere and also allows the bride and groom to relax and make their entrance to the reception as such. So that you can organize it in the most successful way and that the result is better than expected, we bring you some advice.

This welcome cocktail should not last more than 40 or 60 minutes since during it the guests will spend most of the time standing, talking and sharing with the other guests and tasting the appetizers that will be arranged around the area destined for the guests.

If you want your celebration to look its best, you have to take into account that the decoration, the food and the drinks, must go according to the style of the wedding.

You’ll be wondering where to start planning your welcome cocktail, and we’re here to help. The following tips are the ones we know will make your party a total success and close the night with a flourish.

  • Perfect time

This celebration usually happens in the moments before the reception or party.  It should be in a place that is distant from the area where the rest of the event will take place, which will include dinner, dancing, among other options.

  • High tables mean more comfort

The furniture must be organized in such a way that people can walk around the place without obstacles such as large tables and chairs so that it also allows them to socialize easily, that is to say that in this space the high tables and a reduced number of chairs or seats must be deployed all over the place so that guests can place their drinks, choose some appetizer and sit down when they want.  

The main objective of this space is the socialization among guests, that they break the ice and have a good time talking and sharing with other people.

As for the style of the tables, the tall ones, also called cocktail shakers, will be at the level of the guests and these will not have to bend over or raise as it will be just the right size for them to place their drinks. The armchairs will not be removed from the list but their number will be reduced, as it is not intended that guests spend too much time sitting and their mood will be lowered.

During the day, the decoration should not change completely, it will be enough to place the area in a wooded or shady place since the sun will be in full splendor. You can also choose to place umbrellas on the table taking into account the direction of the sun, the size of the table and the shade it produces in the table area in case it is not a natural shady place and it is fully illuminated. Remember the duration of the cocktail.

Some spotlights, candles, light bulbs in subdued colors should be scattered around the place or placed on the tables if it is the night you decide to make your wedding witness. Take care of the limits, it should not be excessively illuminated or with very reduced clarity. It should be the right one to avoid accidents and enjoy the evening from start to finish.

  • A few snacks during the wait

A wedding lasts about 3 hours, time that you should take into consideration since your guests have not eaten for all these hours or even more due to the preparation before your wedding, so it is not at all a bad idea to place one or several tables with appetizers strategically distributed throughout the place. 

  • Don’t let drinks be left behind

There is a very varied menu of drinks for weddings or drinks that people like in general, whether it is a wedding or not. These can vary according to the season and temperature.  Be sure to adapt them to each one and keep your guests fresh or warm. 

When we say very varied, we do so with intention, especially in the fact of whether they should be predetermined or not. When you already have a certain amount or types of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that you want to serve and you want to stick to them, the placement of these should be strategic throughout the place.

You can choose to serve them in mason jars (containers that are increasingly trending) since they are containers with lids that are placed in a container with ice.  Of course, said that way it sounds very simple, however each element such as the jars, the color of the drink and the container can all be part of the decoration of the event. 

Imagine that your decoration is a soft pink color and the tables and chairs have some wooden touches on them, then the drink that these mason jars contain will be that color of your decoration, the lid will have a tone that makes it stand out and the container can have wooden inlays or be totally wooden. So placing this element will not take away that chic touch to your party.

Now, if you decide to place an open bar and leave the choice to the personal taste of the wedding attendees here are several options that are most consumed today in events of this kind.

Mojito: is a very popular cocktail originating in Cuba, composed of rum, lemon, mint or eucalyptus and mineral water.  Its sweet, soft and refreshing flavor is the best option for those who do not want to drink such a strong drink.

Piña Colada: The piña colada is also a cocktail characterized by its sweetness made with rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served mixed or shaken with ice.    It can be garnished with a slice of pineapple, a maraschino cherry or both.

Cosmopolitan: This vodka-based cocktail contains a certain hint of sour fruit and is prepared with vodka, triple dry, such as Cointreau, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Mimosas: It is considered a soft and refreshing cocktail due to its low alcohol content.  This light drink is composed of one part champagne (or other sparkling wine) and one part orange juice.

Gin Tonic: It is a bubbly drink in which only three elements are mixed: gin, tonic water and lemon essence, thus creating a drink that will delight gin lovers.

Michelada: it’s special for weddings in warm environments such as the beach. This drink is a prepared beer made with beer, lime juice, various sauces (commonly chile-based), spices, tomato juice and chilies, thus giving a rustic touch to the drink.

The above is just to name a variety that is consumed frequently but already this will depend on the taste of the couple.  

  • Music is key

During the aperitif, toast or cocktail, the protagonist is exclusive to the guests and there is no better way to liven up an evening than with good music. Hence, the melodies and tunes that are in the background of the conversations should not be the center of attention.  It is usual to have instrumental music, accompanied or not by a vocalist.

There must be a balance between how you want the party to go and much of this is provoked by the music. So the most recommended pieces are those without stridency, with a tone and timbre, which do not interfere or disturb the lively talks, but at the same time, they move and create a happy mood among the guests. It can be soft music in the background, which can be turned up for the moment, for example, when the bride and groom enter.

After all these recommendations, we must remind you that the important thing is that your guests do not feel that they are waiting for the bride and groom in such a noticeable way and instead take it as a prelude to the reception and the beginning of a night that will be full of fun and great moments.