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Our menu is always a success

Our menu is exclusively designed to delight the palates of your guests, we know that destination weddings mostly involve different cultures, perhaps your fiancé is from a different country than yours, therefore our menu is varied and contains dishes from different cultures, so together with our coordinators we can add and modify it to the liking of you and your partner

We put attention and detail to attend any food restriction or allergy as well as vegetarians and vegans.

Wedding Menu and Flexibility

Choosing the right food and drink options is essential to pulling together your vision for your wedding.

The wedding menu also gives you the opportunity to play with unique flavors and unexpected food and drink ideas.

We have designed menus, in addition to the one we have. We know that some wedding traditions involve some details in the food, with our chefs you do not have to worry about more than 600 weddings, he can help you with any modification or addition to that touch of your culture.

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