Riviera Maya - Mexico

Types of ceremony

The ceremony is the most important moment.

Getting married on the Mayan Riviera, on one of our beautiful private beaches, suits you. Like all our concepts, we seek excellence and satisfaction at all times of the wedding and the ceremony is one of them, being a fundamental part of the wedding day.

Symbolic Ceremonies

Using two glasses, bottles or decanters different colored sand, the bride and groom pour into a single container (The Unity Vase) while reciting special statements or votes. As different colored sand melts into The Unity Vase will form a new co-lor. The Unity Vase usually saved as a keepsake wedding ceremony and kept on display in the house of the couple. Bride and groom affirm their love by the lighting of a unity candle, by having each side candle and lighting it together. This special candle then be-comes their wedding or commitment anniversary candle to light this day every year from the rest of their lives. Their streams of light flow together and a single brighter light goes from their united being. Butterflies represent Love, good wishes that re-turn to us as true. If you give them as a present or set free at your wedding, you will be sharing a sign of dreams coming true, of good wishes and everlasting love.

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