Riviera Maya - Mexico

Isla Pasion

Exclusive island of the Mexican Caribbean

Isla Pasión is a beautiful place like many other places in the Mexican Caribbean, but what makes it unique is that an ancestral history, a unique natural sanctuary in the world and the plasticity to transform this idyllic and peaceful place into the unforgettable setting for an extraordinary wedding.

Marine turquoise are the predominant colors that you will see as you walk on the soft white sand to finish with an inviting break in the shade of the tropical forest.

To ensure the atmosphere on such a special day, there can only be one wedding per day on the island. The breadth of the more than 15 hectares and a kilometer of beach are exclusive for the bride and groom. It is like having a large blank canvas that takes shape and color until it becomes the setting that the couple dreamed of for their wedding.

A unique place to get married

Couples can get married in our consecrated Catholic chapel, and their wedding will be fully recognized by the ecclesiastical authorities. They can also opt for a beachside wedding in a custom made altar or gazebo.

An important part of planning is the size of the wedding. We have an open events room, which can accommodate up to 150 people. For larger weddings, tents are set up on the edge of the beach. The capacity can be extended indefinitely, in fact at least three events are held each year with more than 500 attendees. And if you do not want a tent, we can also locate the event on the beach, right by the sea.

Regardless of the choice of the bride and groom, the couple will have the sunset over the sea as the background of the altar. It seems something universal, but due to the geographic location of the Mexican Caribbean, there are few places where this can be done.

The unforgettable experience begins from the transfer to the island that is reached by boat in less than 40 minutes from Cozumel. They are shallow waters, so the sea is calm and the trip is smooth and pleasant. You can also get to the island by other means, as there are docks with a continuous transfer service.

Blue Venado Weddings has coordinated a large number of successful weddings. There is no typical island wedding as some couples prefer a more intimate touch and others make the decision for a larger wedding.

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