Why have a wedding off a resort?

Why have a wedding off a resort?

A wedding is one of the most special events a couple can experience surrounded by their close relatives and friends.  It is full of good energy and desires that welcome that new beginning which is to step forward in an area as enjoyable as life as a couple and marriage.  Many brides and grooms have imagined their wedding for more than a long time and others not so long, of course.

However, in any of these cases, the idealization of the perfect event and that it is enjoyed to the fullest is at the top of the list, all with the purpose of creating unforgettable moments and an evening dedicated exclusively to enjoying together with the people close to the couple in a pleasant atmosphere for everyone and in which both bride and groom and guests feel comfortable.  And this is an event that will be coupled from beginning to end of their true being as individuals and as a couple, its essence.  Every detail must be based on your tastes and preferences; any kind of unexpected or uncomfortable situation are not welcome that day and for that reason, previous planning is key so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Many wedding experts point out that the first thing to be looked for is a place for the wedding either in the city where the couple lives or in a specific destination.  They point out that the choice of a wedding location is a strategic and essential step in the planning of a long-awaited event.

Some newlyweds who have already experienced this moment in their lives advise not to worry more than necessary about the smallest details, as long as the planning is done in advance from beginning to end, as well as by experts.  This includes establishing a budget taking into account the unforeseen events that are likely to occur, letting guests know well in advance that the wedding will be in a specific destination, reducing the number of guests and leaving aside the “social” invitations, taking into account possible unexpected situations such as climate change, the lack of some element and the replacement for it, among other relevant aspects for the development of the event.

Among these is the choice of the place where the ceremony and the wedding reception will take place.  They place that has restrictions or permissions, extra costs, personalized treatment, and more, according to the place you choose.  Currently, destination weddings can be held in two locations: Resorts or Event Venues, better known as Venues, but what is the difference between the two?  Below we will see the dissimilarity in basic aspects of both places.

On the other hand, there are the resorts that have certain characteristics that diminish their suitability to be chosen and move you down the list of locations likely to be chosen.


Event Customization

A resort houses hundreds of people depending on the size of the resort, it could also be thousands.  They have plenty of space for any event that occurs in their location, as well as multiple indoor and outdoor locations.  As a resort is crowded with a large number of people, every day more than 4 events occur at about the same time, this makes customization and adaptation of every detail not possible or simply lost attention to them.

An Extra Element

When it comes to permits, resorts lack them because at the moment that the people performing the event or the bride and groom in case of a wedding wish to hire their own cooks, bartenders, waiters, sound, extra decoration, surprise elements, etc., high charges begin to arise due to the fact that they do not use those of the resort and enter external personnel to the hotel which adjusts to a certain standard the quality of the service they want to give or of the one they want to leave the impression of.  This has a major influence on guests and waiters, for example.  As there are multiple events, they will not anticipate the person’s drink before he or she consumes it in its entirety or perhaps will not remember his or her order clearly either.  Details like these influence the comfort of the guests and make a big difference.

Outboard Privacy

In high seasons, tourists abound in places of incredible beauty, whether because of their beaches, their natural attractions such as ruins, forts, seasonal festivals, among other elements that are worth admiring and observing.  This fills the lodging places even more in high season.  Tourists prowl around the hotel which does not allow for a totally private area for weddings, and consequently not only will your guests observe your wedding but also people in swimsuits or beachwear will be witnessing the event, a fact that can be quite annoying if privacy is all that is desired.


Priority equals Exclusivity

On the other hand, an exclusive place for weddings and events or venues, by its name in English, is much more private and personal.  Therefore, the attention will be completely focused on your event and on your needs and those of your guests. Ronnie tells us how this small detail made a big difference in the comfort of her and now her husband’s guests “The waiters already had drinks ready for the guests even before they ordered them and memorized their orders immediately.” This high quality of service is only available in a venue.

External Vendors are Welcomed

Hire your own supplier or the one you already have a reference from and know how excellent it is and the quality of the service it offers is possible in a venue since the teams working there are open to negotiation for the comfort and benefit of the client.  So if you want to hire a specific catering service, some exclusive surprise element that maybe they don’t have there, an unusual service that you simply want to have at your reception you can count on it as long as you mention it to the team at the venue and discard if they have it or not in order to reduce the burden a little.

Strategic Planning

Within the Venues there are teams that are exclusively dedicated to creating the best weddings, paying attention to minimalist details that, however small, are important for the development of the event.  They also have an impeccable organization that does not let anything go unnoticed, they enhance the look, service and exclusivity of your event giving you a service that leaves nothing to be desired, fulfilling all your expectations, planning according to your tastes and that dream wedding of which you have a vision that you long to see come true and allowing you to enjoy the evening leaving everything in charge of experts; however, some Venues have these characteristics more marked than others.

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