What’s Behind Tulum as a Desired Wedding Destination?

What’s Behind Tulum as a Desired Wedding Destination?

During the last decades, Tulum has been chosen for thousands of couples to tie the knot with the beautiful colors of the Riviera Maya as their witness. But, why do foreigners and locals feel so attracted by the beauty of Tulum?

Found in the top 5 of most beautiful beaches all around the world, Tulum has a magnetism few can deny. This preferred destination not only has beaches with deep blue colors to fascinate your eyes with, but also plenty of options when it comes to venues, hotels, and places with a splendid scenery to host your wedding spreaded all over the shore and town.

But, is it just the beaches what amazes visitors in the “Walled City”, as its mayan name is translated? 

Among its many traditional and international restaurants and local artisan shops, you’ll find nearby the center of the city;

Ancient Mayan archeological zone like Tulum Town, Temple of Frescoes and El Castillo (The Castle) where visitors can tour all around and get in touch with some of the representations of Maya culture through its ruins.

Diverse theme parks with all kinds of a wide range of extremely fun adventures to spend a really good time like Xcaret, Xenses, Xplor, Xavage, Xel-Há, being  the first one mentioned the head branch, in its page you can find all the information about the Xcaret group.

It’s worth to say that these parks own very unique and different themes, they stand out since in each of them visitors’ full adventure from beginning to end is goal number 1, transforming touristic environments into an unforgettable moment filled with new experiences and entertainment for adrenaline and nature lovers.

Xcaret about COVID-19

Each branch has taken very seriously safeguarding their customers at all time. This is why all hygiene and safety protocols are present from the very moment you go through the gates and park you car. All in the mean time the Riviera Maya is reopening after COVID-19.

Tulum, Top Best Destination

Visitors find themselves very attracted by the city and it’s its diversity what pulls any adventurer to discover it completely and dive in its waters or to chose that heaven-like scenes to get married and keep that memorable moment feeling the ocean breeze and warm sun in your skin together with the bundle of emotions this moment has within.

And it’s that having not one but all these river streams to navigate, underground magnificent cenotes to dive in and admire, caves to explore, coral reefs to do scuba diving and enjoy of their beautiful marine life —just to mention a few things to do— neither you nor your guests will have a minute for boredom surrounded by such a beautiful place with all these adventures awaiting for you.

We know by heart you may be thinking that receiving your guests and having them entertained will be a real trouble because of all the prep it takes, but coming with guests doesn’t have to be boring or an issue at all.

That’s why we work hand-by-hand with weddingstours.com, this allows us to offer you multiple entertainment packages with transfer services, excursions, surf sessions, zipline and many other activities to keep your beloved ones having the best time ever after your wedding —and creating some really memorable anecdotes too. We can also create a package adapted to you and the adventures you want to live in the Riviera Maya.

Weddings Packages in Tulum, at Blue Venado

All the way throughout these 11 years of trajectory, our wedding specialists have thrived to become the best wedding experts in the Riviera Maya and in each wedding our, now husbands and wives, have witnessed it.

These has made us realize what our clients really need and are looking for on their big day, reason why our wedding packages vary and adapt to your needs from having your cocktail hour to greater things like having access to a cenote right from your getting-ready room.

Here, you’ll find a detailed description of each package. Remember our Blue Venado Team is just one message away to solve all your doubts.

Costs for a destination wedding in Tulum

Expensive won’t have a chance here. Just by considering having a destination wedding you’re taking a look at saving huge quantities of money. A traditional wedding costs around $38,000, but a wedding destination drops to around $7,000 US dollars.

Keep in mind that these prices differ due to the package you select, your lodging, transfers, number of guests and some other costs you have to take into consideration when we are talking about a wedding in a different country.

Check out our section of Wedding Planner Tips to dig in more in those little, but enormous, details of your wedding to take care of in advance addressed by our experts.

Wedding Venues in Tulum

Variety is a day-to-day thing when it comes to venues and locations in such an attractive destination. All have different capacity and having an amazing view to the sea, celebrating close to the beach or saying “I do” in a private venue in the jungle will be up to you.

Below, you’ll find a list of the types of venues that are all over this iconic city, Tulum.

Waterfront Locations

With very few decoration to put up and organize, these settings are commonly chosen because of the surroundings and stunning view it gives to the ceremony.

The splendid look of the beach and the waves or jungle setting have no comparison when it comes to a change of traditional wedding spaces. From palapas to private beaches and resorts, you can opt to have your own bit of privacy to enjoy at your ease.


In these mansion-like buildings, room for guests won’t be a problem at all; of course, this may vary from one villa to another. In some, you’ll count with a pool and palapas to relax and have a pretty unique welcome cocktail, while in others you could even have access to your private game room so your guests can be quite entertained.


It normally counts with close or waterfront space. It will depend on the location of the resort. With this option, you should keep in mind some factors that could affect your wedding but, most of all, if they’re relevant for you or not.

Go to our article Why Marry in a Private Wedding Venue? to discover why we recommend weddings off resorts.


Selecting this space will allow you to accentuate your wedding theme 100%. Typically, they are excellent to have the reception and cocktail hour, letting guests mingle and go all over the celebration area with no problem thanks to the distribution in it.


These beach-common housing are an exotic space to share with your guests; their cozy and fresh accommodation bring the chillest environment to enjoy a really nice evening and its a fun way to give a twist to common wedding venues at the beach.


Different from resorts which may have tourists all over the place, hotels allow you to opt for an all-in package to have all what you need and skip much more planning than the normal. All-in turns into having lots of amenities and services available for you and your guests.

In short

Definitely, the secret magnetism of Tulum can only be solved by putting your feet on its warm sand and allow it to flood your eyes with its magnificent beauty.

Even though there’s no better way to feel its attractive vibe, this destination has to be a must-go destination in your bucket list whether you’re engaged, and you want to give that huge step in the hypnotizing lands of the Walled City, or you’re an adventurer soul in love with adrenaline and new places to discover.

Have questions? Get help from Blue Venado Team just with one message. We’ll be more than happy to help you and answer all of your doubts.

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