Sarina & Kyle Sarina destination wedding was unique, she really enjoyed to arrive on a limo. In the wedding planning process, she had clear in her mind she wanted to have a purple wedding, so we help her design from the ceremony to the reception, with a chrome future a combination of greenery and purples with some nice touches of orchids. Playa del Carmen was a witness of the love of these two! Check Sarina Moms Review My beautiful daughter Sarina, got married here on April 20, 2019!? It was absolutely amazing, from the time we got out of the limo, until the transportation home to our resort! They did all the work, all the thinking, always kept in contact and returned phone calls and we’re so very easy to work with, in planning this very important event!??? AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I would absolutely, highly recommend BLUE VENADO for any bride and groom and their families!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The drinks and hors d’oeuvres were amazing and all served to us before and after the ceremony on the beach... and continuously!?? We had a scrumptious dinner of capris salads, coconut basmati rice, roasted squash/zucchini/tomato stacks, the best and largest portion salmon I’ve ever eaten and endless wine!?? The bar was very well operated and also amazing with classic palm tree swings...AT THE BAR! It was so very relaxing! The food and drink were truly amazing and the best meal I had in my entire stay in Playa Del Carmen!?? Sarina also had a private little Bungalo in the palm trees to rest and have pictures before the ceremony, we were treated like royalty, everything was perfectly timed, the flowers/decorations were spot on and the brides and matron of honor bouquets were gorgeous purple orchids! I could not have asked for anything better for my daughter! Nor, could I have done it that well myself!?? I thank you, Blue Venado...from the bottom of my heart, for making my beautiful baby girls most special day a dream come true! I will hold you very dear to my heart forever!?? Sincerely and with love Christine Audrey Yohemas!♥️ Blue Venado team wish you the best. http://BlueVenadoWeddings/videos/636443780094721/