My wife and I on April 22 2017 had our wedding here at Blue Venado for our destination wedding. Surreal is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to describing our experience here. We stumbled upon Blue Venado after we saw what a resort wedding looked like, we wanted a completely private venue and the resorts couldn't provide that for obvious reasons. So our search began as most of you reading this are also doing, and trust me you will not be disappointed with this venue. As soon as the first email i had sent Sofia inquiring about the venue i was impressed. Sofia immediately asked for the date of the wedding we were requesting and as soon as she can confirm availability she sent us allllll the information about the venue with all the prices, alll the prices, to those that haven't started will soon see why i stress all the prices. Every venue I emailed or spoke to would hold on to all that information and make it impossible for us to even think of planning a budget, but not Sofia. We choose the all in Package and boy was it worth it. Everything my wife wanted or thought of Sofia made possible. Her response was timely and her wealth of knowledge and vision was just amazing. She made our experience something of a lifetime.Sofia is just one of the many people dedicated to this venue.There is another angel at this venue and her name is Miriam. These girls are just amazing at what they do and their absolute professionalism. The ceremony was beautiful, the food amazing, the drinks, the decor, I can write all day about this venue and its staff. Our wedding had 64 guests from New York City and all over the USA. Our family and friends loved the venue and till today they are still raving about our wedding and how it was the greatest wedding they've ever attended. Thank you Sofia and Miriam you guys are the best! And for the future brides and grooms reading this, trust me go with your gut feeling and book this venue. It will not disappoint. Thanks again Sofia & Miriam Love Josh & Jen                                                           THANKS JOSH FOR YOUR  REVIEW & MANY THANKS TO CRISTINA CIVALLERO FOR CAPTURING